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Informations about our Buggies

We are driving with 8 GS Moon Buggy XYKD 260-2L MOT approval, 2 adjustable leather Sports-Seats , sports-stearing-wheel, carrier, sun-top

1-cylinder, watercooled 260 cc 4-stroker
power :18 HP at 7000 r.p.m.
max. speed torque: 20 Nm ati 5500 r.p.m.
ignition: electric ignition
drive: fully suspended drive
continuous automatic-transmission
with reverse-gear and Differential
v-max : aprox 55
speedometer, temperatur display
empty weight: 352 kilo
tank-capacity : 9 l
battery : 12 V / 9 AH
breaks : (front/rear) quad hydraulic with perforated break-discs
handbrake : at rear suspension
suspension : mono-wheel dual suspension
wheel base: 1960 mm
front tires: 21x7-10 = 175/70-10
rear tires: 22x10-10 = 255/60-10




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